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Grand SoLie
Grand SoLie
Grand SoLie restaurant is suitable both for a warm family meeting and business negotiations. You can taste dishes of European cuisine in one of three main halls, a banquet hall, and a summer terrace. For wine connoisseurs we recommend visiting wine tastings that are regularly held in Grand SoLie restaurant. Follow Grand SoLie Facebook page not to miss the event!
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Morning Grand SoLie

Grand SoLie is one of the hotel’s grand restaurants. In the morning from 7:00 a.m. till 11:00 a.m. hotel guests have buffet breakfast. Oatmeal porridge with fresh orange juice, omelettes, and croissants are favourite dishes for breakfast. When the weather is nice, visitors like having breakfast on the terrace and watching the city. In addition to the outdoor terrace, there are five more halls where guests can relax and enjoy meals. If you are from Lviv and think that restaurants of Grand Hotel Lviv are not for you, then you are wrong. Allow yourself to have breakfast in a first-class restaurant in the city center. Morning magic awaits you at Grand SoLie.

Business Grand SoLie

In the rhythm of the modern city, people often work on a laptop or smartphone. Have you ever come to a restaurant to work and forgot your charge? In other restaurants in Lviv, you should leave your phone on the bar or sit on an another table closer to the outlet. In Grand SoLie, such problems will occur. Portable power banks can quickly charge not one device, but four! Entrepreneurs reasonably say that business meetings are best held in restaurants. The convenient location of the restaurant in the city center, a stylish interior, and European cuisine are your soft power at a business meeting. With a glass of prosecco in Grand SoLie you can agree on anything. Do you have any doubts?

Romantic Grand SoLie

Imagine a romantic dinner with your beloved partner. All the details are important for romantic atmosphere. Grand SoLie’s romantic atmosphere is easy to create as if by magic. There are many halls, so you can choose where you feel the best. Here you are in the restaurant. In the hall sounds pleasant music. You are choosing between tagliolini with fish bisque and veal consomme. You are expecting more than beautiful and tasty dishes. At Grand SoLie there are at least two people who know how to create gastronomic pleasure. Chef Alexander Chumovitsky will cook the dish you have chosen. Sommelier Peter Dobrovolsky will recommend the most suitable wine. The formula is simple: a dish + a noble drink = taste that brings you to heaven!

Wine tastings

Would you like to know which wine is the most suitable for a particular dish? What duet of food and drink to choose to maximize the taste? Grand SoLie staff knows the answer to these questions. And we are ready to share knowledge with you. The restaurant has almost the largest wine collection in Lviv. Wine tastings take place weekly. For more details, follow our Grand SoLie Facebook page. We advise you to reserve places for wine tasting in advance as there are a lot of people who want to learn about successful gastronomic combinations!

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