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Our pool is a true oasis of 10 by 5 meters long, with depths from 1.3 to 1.8 meters, where everyone will find a perfect place for him or her.

Two underwater currents, toning hydromassage seats will give you the feel of complete relaxation. Also, be sure to try hydromassage with streams — where warm water seems to embrace you with massage movements.

Come and dive into a water adventure at Grand Hotel Lviv!
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  • Infrared sauna

    We recommend starting the spa treatments with an infrared sauna. Allow the body to adjust to temperature changes and detox. The temperature here is "the lowest" - 45-50 degrees, which ensure a comfortable stay.

    Infrared sauna is also the best option for children and people with cardiovascular problems.
  • Salt room

    Completely covered with Himalayan salt, the salt sauna improves not only the condition of your skin but also the respiratory system.

    Salt micro particles enter the body and start the destruction of viruses and the proses of recovery of the body.
  • Kraksen

    Our guests compare Kraksen with warm summer rain. The air is warm and humid, and the hay that upholstered the walls adds a scent of freshness.

    After visiting Kraxen, your sleep will become stronger and carefree.

  • Finnish sauna

    The cedar-lined Finnish sauna has a light woody scent. Combined with high temperature, it provides complete relaxation of body and soul.

    We recommend that you dive into the pool after 15 minutes of steaming
  • Roman bath

    The Roman bath is characterized by high humidity. It dilates pores, removes toxins from the body, improves water balance and does not dry hair.

    The Roman bath is also useful for the prevention of upper respiratory tract diseases.
  • Classic sauna

    Classic sauna is the best choice for friendly companies.

    Please note that this sauna takes time to warm up, so it is recommended to book in advance. For special relaxation, book steaming with a professional bath attendant
  • Hay room

    Close your eyes and smell the fresh hay

    Forgetting everything and thinking about nothing, escaping from everyday worries – a complete list of things can be done in our hay room.


Professional masseurs and cosmetics of the highest quality - this is the secret of the perfect massage from ONSEN SPA

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More sports - less stress

Modern AeroFit equipment is suitable for both beginners and professional athletes. The spacious gym, wardrobe and shower make visiting the gym even more enjoyable.

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Let our admins help you to choose the massage that suits you the best
Order our branded cocktail at the bar and your body will say thank you for a healthy time out
Order our branded cocktail at the bar and your body will say thank you for a healthy time out

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