Massage rooms
Massage rooms
You feel tired all the time? Then I recommend you to experience the magic of body massage! It efficiently relaxes the body and reduces stress, eliminates muscle pain, it is perfect for relaxation and for restoring the emotional balance.
During the stone massage, every muscle is being deeply treated with the help of Balinese stones. Specialists can work particularly with stress areas, recharging your vital energy. Even one massage session will make you feel reborn.
Muscles massage using bags filled with quartz crystals is the best restoring treatment for tired muscles. Verified by me personally! The procedure is performed with the use of special bags. It ensures complete relaxation of the whole body. This is exactly what you need after an active workout.
Have you ever heard of abhyanga massage? I will briefly tell you about it. It is a traditional type of ayurvedic massage that involves the use of healing properties of essential oils. The procedure ensures a sufficient rejuvenation effect, helps normalize blood circulation, eliminates fatigue and consequences of stress, relaxes the body and reduces pain from spasms of muscles and joints. You will feel relief right after the first procedure!
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