Oasis infinity pool & spa

For those who are looking for a SPA leisure in a hotel complex, we recommend to visit Oasis Infinity Pool & SPA. Swimming in the pool, relaxing in jacuzzi and saunas will effectively help you restore your energy after a long journey. Workouts in the gym can eliminate mental fatigue and improve your mood. And
in our great variety of saunas you can choose the one that suits your needs best. For example, the salt room is useful for the respiratory tract. Besides, salt microparticles make the skin elastic and gentle. If you want to be in a good shape and improve the overall tone of the body, we recommend you to visit the infrared sauna. If you want to get the best results from your workout, you should visit our Finnish sauna after the gym. Finnish sauna is the best one to
relax muscles and restore powers. Roman bath is a perfect option for those who badly tolerate low humidity and high temperatures. In the Roman bath with
special marble deck chairs, the air goes up slowly not creating stress for the body. In order to restore your body’s water balance and eliminate toxins, visit
the Russian sauna. If you’re dreaming of sound sleep, the Kraksen sauna is what you’re looking for. If you love relaxing in saunas and you have already visited all
the above-mentioned ones, come to the hay room. You won’t find such an aromatic and cozy room in any other SPA-center of Lviv!If you’re a guest of Grand Hotel Lviv, in your room you’ll find a spa menu, where you can choose a massage, body wraps, and your favorite ayurveda treatments.
In Grand Hotel Lviv, we equally care about men and women as you can see from the set of procedures designed specially for your individual needs. Oasis Infinity Pool & SPA is a place of harmony of your body and soul, visit it and see for yourself!