Why do you need to know history of wine?

When you like wine, it is not enough to fully enjoy the drink.

It takes time to ‘crack’ good wine. Such wine makes you wonder which notes you feel, why it tastes tart, and why it tastes quite different in the crystal glass.

Some wines make you remind of your first love, a stroll along the seaside, or on Rynok Square. Wine fully unleashes its potential when the drink has a history. And on January 24, we want to share with you the stories you should know about the ups and downs of the best wines in the world.

Location: Grand SoLie

Price for tasting: 750 UAH

Sommelier: Peter Dobrovolsky

Phone number for reservations: 0931706805

Some people say that friendship is like wine: the older, the better. Therefore, come for the tasting with a boyfriend or girlfriend of your heart.