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Where to go for Christmas in Ukraine?

Christmas is one of the most atmospheric holidays when people take their minds off routine and spend time with their friends and family. As a rule, on such holidays, you do not want to limit yourself to home parties and visiting friends. How about a short trip? A trip to Lviv is an excellent idea for spending the Christmas holidays.

But even if you are looking forward to a journey, you are not prepared without a plan. This article is focused on new places, the most popular locations, and restaurants for you to visit.

Feel the festive atmosphere

Without the shadow of a doubt, the city center can be called the most atmospheric part of the city. During New Year and Christmas holidays, there are huge Christmas markets where you can find just about everything from cherry alcohol drink and mulled wine to knit socks, souvenirs, and other gifts that can surprise your family and friends. There are hundreds of lights in the evening, so you definitely won't be bored, especially with friends.

Festive dinner is a must!

You can not do without delicious cuisine at Christmas in Lviv. Of course, in a few days in the city, you will not be able to understand the specifics of all the restaurants, so we recommend visiting the best of them. It is worth going to the restaurant, "36袩o". Here you can order both European and Ukrainian dishes in a modern serving. The next restaurant we advise is Korolivska Brewery. Fresh beer, hearty regional dishes, savory snacks, and, of course, music that won't let you get bored.

It's time for gifts

In Lviv, you should buy unusual gifts for you and your relatives. It is not necessary to limit yourself to banal kiosk souvenirs, and there is something more you can discover. You can find dozens of boutiques from the world's best brands, delicious shops with gingerbread, caramel, and fresh pastries, delicious fillings, and a lot more tasty food.

The most important thing ...

One of the most important points when planning a trip to Lviv is to find comfortable accommodation. If your purpose is to rest and enjoy the holiday, so everything should be perfect. And the best option for you is Grand Hotel Lviv Luxury & Spa. Comfortable rooms, cozy The Lobby Bar, buffet breakfasts, and a spa... This hotel will give you the best impression of Lviv. So, if you are ready to go on an exciting trip and spend Christmas in Lviv, we are already looking forward to you!