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Secrets of a successful date

In France, there is a good tradition of inviting a person to a bar for the first date. The French know that a glass of wine can tell a lot about a person. Men are very attentive to the details, for example, the way how a woman holds a drink, whether she leaves smudges of lipstick, and if she does, whether she cares about it. By the way, there is good advice for women: if you accidentally left a smudge of lipstick on the glass, it should be delicately fixed. According to etiquette, it is better not to leave stains at all, but once it happened, show the other person that you are a careful lady.

We also have some tip for men. When you are inviting a woman for a date, make sure you offer her an exciting program. If this is your first date, ask your lady not only for a drink but also for some live performance music. Live music shows are held on Fridays and Saturdays at 9 p.m. at The Lobby Bar. Conveniently sitting on the sofa or at the bar, you can not only enjoy your drinks but also share your impressions about music.

Apart from a location, a man should offer a drink in the evening. Of course, a man can ask what his lady likes. But the initiative to offer a delicious exclusive drink will always be a good idea. If alcohol is not your pro, we encourage you to increase your knowledge on this subject. Grand Hotel Lviv develops a culture of consuming noble alcohol. We advise following our Facebook page as there we regularly publish posts with wine tastings events. As for female half: if your favorite beverage is strong alcohol, such as whiskey or cognac, feel free to order your favorite scotch or discover Icelandic whiskey. Women have a lot of privileges according to etiquette, so choose the alcohol you like.

Paying the bill is a delicate moment. Etiquette experts say that the person who invites the person pays. The phrases "let's go to that place" or "I have heard that there are cool cocktails at Grand Hotel Lviv" are not invitations. In order not to be embarrassed, we suggest women be financially ready to split the check. A true gentleman, of course, will treat you, but such an initiative will not be excessive.

If you want your first date to go well, book a table at The Lobby Bar. The atmosphere, the interior, exclusive alcohol, and pleasant music will make your partner agree to a second date as well.