‘Never stop believing and dreaming’, Tetiana, a winner of Grand Hotel Lviv giveaway

On the 24-25th of November, Bykov family stayed at Grand Hotel Lviv. Tetiana and Oleg won staying at the hotel and dinner at Grand SoLie restaurant on Instagram give away. Mariia, PR-manager decided to ask how the young family spent time at the hotel.

- Tetiana and Oleg, nice to meet you! Is this your first time in Lviv?

- We are Lviv residents. Staying at the hotel for us was an exciting experience. We have never stayed at a hotel in Lviv before.

- What were your first emotions when you heard about the win?

- I was shocked. I immediately called my husband. Winning a stay at Grand Hotel Lviv has been my most significant victory (Tetiana is smiling) We have never won anything in such competitions yet. I began worrying about who will stay with our one-year-old child. It is good that granny lives nearby, but for the kid, it is better to stay with mum. Thankfully, the hotel provided us with a baby cot without any paying for it.

- Was it comfortable for you to stay in the hotel, especially with a child? Grand Hotel Lviv is mostly a business hotel. Therefore, we are interested in your impressions.

- Our stay was very convenient. The child is probably even more enthusiastic than us. We also posted some stories on Instagram. I especially liked the jacuzzi and the SPA center. In Oasis Infinity Pool & SPA, there are a lot of saunas. Saunas are distinctive advantages of the hotel. We have not been to the sauna with our kid. The staff told us that in three saunas we could relax with such small children. We rested in a hay room, a salt room, and an infrared sauna.

- Did you enjoy your dinner at Grand SoLie? Have you ordered something special for your child?

- We must admit excellent service and tasty meals. For the child, we ordered soup from the children's menu. The soup was delicious. We even tasted a little ourselves!

- We want to hear your honest opinion about the competition. What would you like to wish our followers and participants of the giveaway?

- I would recommend them to believe. The competition is fair and here is why. A month ago, I took part in the giveaway and immediately forgot about it. It was my little dream to stay in a hotel. I told my husband that I was dreaming of procedures in a SPA center, a romantic dinner, and a beautiful hotel room. And so it happened. My advice is: 'Do not stop dreaming and believing!'