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How to spend an unforgettable weekend in Lviv?

For a long time, Lviv has been considered a true tourist destination. Here, in the narrow streets and cozy restaurants, there is a holiday atmosphere. Because of Lviv's unique vibe, most people decide to arrange a productive weekend, choosing this city for a holiday.

But when tourists come to Lviv, they often do not know how to plan their holidays. There is a time crunch, so you want to get the best rest and recharge with positive energy. And today Grand Hotel Lviv is telling you how to spend a weekend in Lviv.

The whole city is in the palm of your hand!

At the beginning of the trip, we suggest you visiting High Castle, the most popular location in the city. It is an observation deck located 413 meters above sea level. From there, you can see a breathtaking view of the whole of Lviv. Looking at the city from above, you realize that this city is much bigger than it seems at first glance.

The spirit of the holiday

Street musicians, the aroma of fresh coffee, and hundreds of smiling passers-by – this is how most tourists describe Lviv. The city lives an active life because every day, there are enthusiastic people who want to enjoy the architecture, get acquainted with national cuisine, or have a cup of coffee. Therefore, if you have not yet planned your vacation, we recommend visiting the city center, namely its most popular part of Market Square. This square is probably a must-visit attraction during your holiday in Lviv.

Dishes for every taste!

If this is your first weekend in Lviv, you may be interested in discovering new, unusual cafes. We invite you to visit the most extraordinary places, namely:

Beer Restaurant «Korolivska pyvovarnia.» A varied menu with garnishes, snacks, and desserts, and most importantly, a delicious beer that is cooked in front of your eyes!

Cabinet. It is an unusual place that surprises not only with delicious dishes but also with its distinctive design. You can be transported to the end of the 19th century. Everything is exquisite and beautiful, so connoisseurs of atmospheric restaurants are strongly advised visiting this place.

Restaurant "36По" is a location for fine cuisine lovers, great wine connoisseurs, and fans of the relaxed atmosphere. If you visit this place once, you will probably want to come back again.

Rest with comfort

If you are already decided to have a weekend in Lviv, you need to take care of housing. By choosing Grand Hotel Lviv, you will get a comfortable room to relax at the end of the day. Buffet breakfasts, an opportunity to unwind at the spa, swimming in the pool, relaxing in the jacuzzi, six saunas, and a hay room are already included in the price. Stay at us, and your holidays in Lviv will be of your great memory!