Holidays in Lviv with children

Lviv has long been considered the most popular destination for family vacations. Both young couples and large families with children come here with enthusiasm. When your children are in such an unusual city, they certainly want to visit exciting places, taste delicious sweets, and get lots of positive emotions.

A great way to entertain children!

Not many people know about this, but in Grand Hotel Lviv, there is a huge Infinity Pool. You and your child can have a great time together. Elder children enjoy swimming in the pool, and small kinds are great fans of Jacuzzi. If your child has a birthday party, you can have a party at one of the Grand SoLie halls or in the VIP Lounge.

Where to go sightseeing?

Lviv is full of architectural monuments and ancient buildings that evoke a wide variety of emotions. But as we know, children do not always like looking at buildings and going to temples that seem to them monotonous. If you need something extraordinary, we can recommend interesting places to visit.

The first location for exploring is Lviv Town Hall, or rather the observation deck at the top of the building. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the old city there. The second similar location is Lviv High Castle. Here, at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level, you can see the whole Lviv, with its suburbs and new areas. Words can't express; it's a must-see place!

Some museums can also be of interest to children. It would be best if you visited the Museum Arsenal in Lviv. Here are collected copies of warriors' weapons from different eras, epochs. Each exhibit is accompanied by a description and history of its origin.

Looking for sweets

While vacationing with your children in Lviv, you should probably think in advance about the places you want to visit. Of course, you do not want to be confined to banal cafes or fast-food restaurants. That is why we suggest starting with Lviv chocolate factories. Delicacies for every taste, such as chocolate with salt, pepper, coffee beans, home-made figures, nuts in the frosting, and many types of sweets, can be found here.

Caramel factories are also a good option. In front of your eyes, the craftsmen create sweets of any shape and size. Either way, they are always delicious!

If you want to enjoy not only Lviv's traditional desserts but also something more sophisticated, we recommend visiting Grand SoLie for coffee and desserts. We can bet that the "Gaussman" cheesecake or the # 203 dessert will make an unforgettable impression on you!

Of course, we can make a longer list of places for your visiting on holiday with children. We wanted to tell you about the most unusual and exciting locations. Now you know sites you should firstly pay attention to, so you can plan your trip. However, another essential point is staying. In order not to look for a rented apartment, we suggest you stay at Grand Hotel Lviv. Comfort and convenience are the main criteria for hotel guests, so in our rooms, you and your children will always feel like home!