Grandiose New Year’s Eve celebration 2020

Only one night in the hotel there will be an actual circus performance. Grand Hotel Lviv is for circus art, bright emotions, and fun celebration. Therefore, we make a new format show. A New Year Party created by people for people will be an unforgettable beginning of 2020. Officially, the party starts at 9 pm at The Lobby Bar.

'Show is starting,' says a man with a pleasant voice behind curtains, and you are falling into the whirlpool of New Year's Eve celebration. Bright decorations, interactives, talented performers, and presents... Do not forget to take a photo in the photo zone!

As soon as you take your seats at a festive table, the light show will start. 袛懈泻芯brass band will play your favorite New Year songs. Have you already imagined how you, happily smiling, become a star on the dance floor? At 23:00 a charismatic showman Dmitry Kornelyuk appears, and the New Year's holiday becomes even more fun.

When it is very close to midnight, think about what desire you will make before the last strike. After midnight the holiday will become even more dynamic, and you will get more surprises. New Year's photos and videos will convince you that this New Year 2020 was a grand celebration of yours. Book a table by calling +380931706444 or writing to