Gifts from Grand Hotel Lviv on St. Nicholas Day

Martha comes from Truskavets. The girl has won a stay at Grand Hotel Lviv Luxury & SPA. So, Martha and her boyfriend have come to Lviv for a short vacation. Our guests have been good guys during the year, as St. Nicholas was very generous to them. We decided to ask Martha about her holidays. The interview with the winner of the giveaway was held in the morning.

- Martha, welcome to Grand Hotel Lviv! Have you had breakfast yet?

- Yes, breakfasts are delicious, and most importantly, there is a great choice. I chose some meat, fried eggs, and fresh salad. It was a pleasure to have breakfast watching Lviv in the early morning.

- What did you enjoy most in the room?

- Blue illumination is love at first sight. I even want to have the same light at home. I had sweet dreams at the hotel, so I enjoyed a comfortable queen size bed as well. And especially surprising was the compliment from the hotel. My sweetheart and I enjoyed champagne, fruits, and a view on Kryva Lypa passage.

- I saw on your Instagram that you took advantage of our spa. What were your impressions?

- I was astonished by the pool. Previously, I have already rested in five-star and four-star hotels. There was no opportunity to switch to another mode on my own, so I had to ask the staff. In Oasis Infinity Pool & SPA, there is such an opportunity. The mode 'against the current' is excellent for relaxing. Also, I was impressed by the hay room. I have never seen such a place before. The smell of hay is delightful. It reminds me of my childhood.

- Have you remembered the moment when you found out about winning?

- I want to tell you a little background. I used to participate in Instagram giveaways and won manicure and makeup services. When the announcement of the winners happened, I was in transport, but still watched the live broadcast. At first, random service selected one winner, then another. I was ready to be disappointed and, surprisingly, saw my name here. I immediately informed my partner and said that we were going to Lviv to Grand Hotel Lviv!

- The last question not to take your time – what would you like to advise our followers and future guests?

- Holidays in the best hotel in Lviv with my beloved are my miracle on St. Nicholas Day. For couples, it is necessary to organize such vacations. It helps to have strong relationships. We live fast. Unfortunately, we don't have enough time to devote to our dearest people. At Grand Hotel Lviv, we had this precious time. We are thankful for that from the bottom of our hearts.

Grand Hotel Lviv gifted one more night of accommodation in the framework of a Facebook giveaway for St. Nikolas Day. Ms. Natalia was the lucky one, and she has won a stay. The woman was born in Ivano-Frankivsk, studied in Lviv, and now lives and works as a doctor in Ostroh. We decided to ask how Mrs. Natalia and her family are doing in Lviv.

- How do you feel in the city where you spent your university years?

- I came with my children, daughter Victoria (3 years), my infant son (2 months), and my husband from Ostroh. Lviv evokes only the warmest memories of me. I always wanted to show this city to my family. I didn't think the wishes came true so quickly (smiling).

- Was it comfortable for you to stay in Grand Hotel Lviv?

- Yes, it was very convenient. My little daughter sleeps with my husband and me. The infant son slept in a cot, provided by hotel staff. The room was very cozy, and there was no feeling we were in the hotel. We felt like home. I must admit the cosmetics that are offered for the hotel's guests. I have some knowledge in the field of cosmetology. Therefore, I can confidently say that Pure Herbs cosmetics are a real salvation for the skin, especially in winter!

- Did you have an opportunity to use the SPA?

- Yes, of course! I loved swimming in the pool. My husband prefers saunas. Also, children had a rest in the Jacuzzi with us.

- Is there anything you didn't like? Usually, we ask such a question to improve our service.

- I have only positive impressions about the hotel. The staff was very attentive, and we even received a compliment to the room! Desserts, baking, juice for children, and champagne for my husband and me... I have never experienced such excellent service.

- Please, wish something to our future guests.

- When I found out about winning, I didn't believe it at first. The first time I watched the video without sound, so I didn't understand anything. I was putting my kids to sleep. After this, I watched the video for the second time and realized that we are having an incredible journey to Lviv! I wish Grand Hotel Lviv followers a great New Year's Eve! If you are looking for a place for a winter holiday, I advise you Lviv and Grand Hotel Lviv Luxury & SPA!