A guide for travelers with pets

If you have a pet, you probably have faced the problem of whether take your pet with you or leave him/her at home. In order not to disturb friends or family members, we recommend traveling with your four-legged friends.

Make sure you bring an international veterinary certificate, veterinary certificate, and a veterinary health certificate before taking a trip. It is a bad idea to go on a journey with sick pets with serious injuries. If an animal is pregnant or if there are little puppies or kittens, we also recommend avoiding the trip. Please, make certain your pet has all the necessary vaccinations, especially rabies vaccine. In addition to essential documents, we also recommend having a photo of your pet in case the animal gets lost.

Be sure to pay particular attention to your four-legged friend during traveling. Some animals find it very difficult to travel by car, train or plane. Unfamiliar odors, new people, and an unusual environment will influence your pet's behavior. If you follow the rules of animal transportation attentively, your trip will be successful.

If you are looking for a hotel to stay with your pet, we are happy to propose to you Grand Hotel Lviv. You can accommodate there with your pet, provided he/she is not heavier than 5-7 kg. For security reasons, fighting dog breeds are not allowed at the hotel. You can visit almost all the hotel establishments with your pet, including The Lobby Bar, Grand SoLie restaurant, and other public areas, except Oasis Infinity Pool & SPA.

We have made sure that your pet has everything he/ she needs for a comfortable stay. We are always welcome for you and your pet at Grand Hotel Lviv Luxury & SPA.