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Thermo-Spa | Grand Hotel Lviv Luxury & Spa


Let your body feel free and weightless with the help of contactless flotation (swinging on water) installation and all types of mud and cosmetology wraps, which is a massage table with a water mattress filled with warm water. 

Your body won’t feel its own weight, - nothing but pleasant warmth and floatation of water. Additional installation options create musical waves that spread out in the water and provide a relaxing acoustic massage of the entire body, producing impulse vibration in time with the breath of a sleeping person, exercising hydromassage in five anatomical zones, with three regimens of the hydromassage intensity.

The installation is intended for the following procedures:

  • Contactless thermal baths;
  • All kinds of cosmetic wraps;
  • Mud cure and thalassotherapy.

The main therapeutic effect consists in improving the physical form, reducing stress, stimulating the brain, in psychosomatic relaxation, as well as in improving sleep and restoring strength.

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