New Year 2022

Musical "The Grand Budapesht Hotel"

New year is a new story! Imagine when the clock strikes midnight you are transported back in time and space to celebrate the New Year 1932, in the legendary Grand Budapest Hotel. Eyewitnesses say that it was so luxurious and bright that it became the most grandiose in the history of the hotel, the country ... and probably the in whole Europe!
  • The imposing Monsieur Gustave welcomes the esteemed guests, the receptionist Zero entertains them with musical compositions, and the charming Agatha treats with delicious desserts. The air has a light aroma of L'Air de Panache.
  • However, this is not all... A few people know, but in fact, there were two stories about the famous Grand Budapest Hotel!
  • The one that is the most famous, you already know. We invite you to find out how instead of the famous Zubrovka, the celebration of the new year 1932 eventually took place in the Grand Hotel in Lemberg!
  • On December 31, visit the Grand Hotel Lviv Casino & Spa and become the hero of a new incredible story — a story that is better to experience once than to see 100 times!
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