In the SPA center, there is always a luxurious atmosphere. Oasis Infinity Pool & SPA offers you rest in the swimming pool, the jacuzzi, six different saunas, and hay room. Location: -1 floor.
Salt room

We recommend the Salt room for everyone who wants to improve health status. Salty microparticles influence positively on the respiratory system and an organism in general. After this sauna skin becomes beautiful and velvet, and you feel healthy and happy!

Infrared sauna

The infrared sauna is a particular room, where the body is under the action of infrared rays. Infrared sauna effectively helps to lose weight, reduce cellulite, and besides, it makes skin smooth and elastic.

Finnish sauna

Upon workouts, in the hotel’s gym, we advise visiting the Finnish sauna, as it is the best way to relax and recover. The Finnish sauna also favors the state of skin, makes it smooth and soft.

Roman bath

Unlike other saunas with high temperatures and dry air, the temperature rises gradually in the Roman bath. Thanks to moderate heat, the body warms up slowly. After the sauna, one feels and cheerful and energetic.


After the procedure in the Kraksen or so-called hay bath, you will improve the quality of sleep. Also, you will boost your immune system, and even an ordinary cold will not last long. If you want to relieve stress, become more cheerful and productive, we suggest visiting the sauna.

Russian sauna

You can greatly steam and relax in the Russian sauna (banya). As this sauna needs to be additionally warmed up, we recommend booking the sauna in advance. After the Russian sauna, your water balance will be improved, and you will feel energetic and at full strength. 

Hay Room

Hay Room is the icing on the cake of Oasis Infinity Pool & SPA. You will not find such a fragrant room at any hotel in Lviv! Only Grand Hotel Lviv offers its guests Hay Room – a place, where there is a smell of cut hay, warmth, and romance.

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