Winter Holidays in Lviv 2019-2020: Where to Go and What to See

New Year鈥檚 holidays are an excuse to relax for each of us. Children have vacations at school, students at university, and adults enjoy the fact that there are many weekends ahead and try to spend them with friends and family. And if you ask which city to choose for your winter holiday in 2019-2020, most people will immediately answer Lviv. Indeed, the town lures with its magical holiday atmosphere that is present here every day. During the New Year holidays, Lviv turns into a real fairy tale, and you are the main characters.

A paradise for sweet lovers!
You have probably heard that you can find delicious chocolate and cheesecakes in Lviv. If you are staying at Grand Hotel Lviv, exclusive desserts are waiting for you right on the ground floor. Grand SoLie restaurant offers you not just sweets, but deserts with history and mystery. Do you know who Jerome Hausman was? Let us prompt some insight: this legendary man decided to build the first Grand Hotel in 1892. Earlier, Kryva Lypa was even called Gaussman鈥檚 passage. Our chef Alexei Chumovytsky assures us that Jerome was a sweet tooth, so we created Gausman desert. Dessert # 203 with white chocolate and passionfruit mouse has even more historical secrets. We are proud of our story and strive to share it with you by dint of little sweets.

The Old City
The center of Lviv lives its different life as the coffee smell comes from every corner, street musicians sing heartfelt songs, and trams phlegmatically ride on rails. Lviv in the New Year鈥檚 Eve is even more special. Christmas markets, vibrant decorations, and a beautiful Christmas tree in the center of the city create a truly fabulous atmosphere. How do you imagine your perfect New Year鈥檚 Eve? Maybe, a dinner at a restaurant or a loud party with a show program? At Grand Hotel Lviv you can choose the celebration you like. If you are planning to celebrate New Year in Lviv, Grand Hotel Lviv Luxury & SPA is the location you seek.

During the trip, first and foremost important is to take care of your stay, as there will be thousands of people here who want to see this city in all its glory. Thus, we suggest you stay at Grand Hotel Lviv. We advise you to take advantage of the offer - book three nights and get the 4th one complimentary within 8.12.2019-02.01.2020! Comfortable rooms, Grand SoLie restaurant, a spa center, and The Grandest Lviv Show in the New Year鈥檚 Eve await you. If you want to celebrate the New Year 2020 in Lviv, you can undoubtedly stay in Grand Hotel Lviv!