In vino veritas: wine tastings at the Grand Hotel Lviv!

Drinking wine is more than an exciting tasting process. Wine consumption is both science and culture. How do you usually choose wine? There are a lot of various wines such as red or white, mature or young, semi-sweet or dry. We are sure that more than once, you faced such a choice. If you want to know which wine suits your favorite dishes and special moments, wine tastings at Grand Hotel Lviv Luxury & SPA are what you are seeking.

Why Grand Hotel Lviv? Location matters. Grand SoLie is an appropriate location because of a favorable atmosphere without strange odors and with proper lighting. Also, only at the Grand Hotel Lviv Luxury & SPA, there is the most extensive collection of wines in Lviv, which consists of 200 units. Peter Dobrovolsky, a leading sommelier not only of Lviv but also of Ukraine, will reveal you all the secrets of wine and its consumption.

Venice and Verona are the most romantic cities in Italy. Venice is a carnival city; Romeo and Juliet fell in love with each other in Verona. These cities are geographically united into one Veneto region, which is famous not only for its history but also for its unique wines. The most famous wines of the area are volcanic Soave, full of the floral aromas of Lugano, fresh Bardolino, and Valpolicella in all its manifestations.

We are inviting you on the 23rd of October at 19.30 - 21.30 to taste Veneto wine. The cost of a tasting of Veneto region wines is 800 UAH.

Phone for reservations: 0978218372